As we head towards a Halloween break like no other we would like to keep you updated on what has been happening in our school in the first half of term.

Hallowe’en Dress Up Day

This Friday 23rd October we are looking forward to welcoming the children in their Halloween Costumes. Please ensure that the costume allows them to use the toilet with ease and to play safely. No simulated weapons, knives, axes or guns are to be brought to school.

Fighting Words

We are very proud of our three Second Classes, who all got involved in “Fighting Words” creative workshops during the month of October. They unleashed the power of their imagination, all facilitated through a virtual workshop with the Volunteer tutors. We are glad to report that we experienced no technical glitches on our first foray into webcams and Zoom with the children! All of the children contributed in creating their brilliant Class Story.

Please click on these links and you can read an extract from our authors.




Parent Teacher Meetings

At present we are awaiting further guidance from the Department of Education and Skills in relation to Parent-Teacher meetings. We will keep you updated as developments arise.

Ventilation in School

Public Health advice in preventing the introduction and spread of Covid-19 recommends that there should be good ventilation practices in place in school.

As the weather begins to get cooler, we would remind parents to consider another layer of clothing, as ensuring good ventilation will mean that classrooms may be cooler than normal.

Tree Planting & School Garden

In Celebration of National Tree week Ms Gormleys 2nd Class planted a Scots Pine tree, below is a description by one of her students. We also plan this year, to refocus our school garden project in an effort to embrace biodiversity. This will involve dedicating parts of the school grounds to growing wildflowers and creating a wildflower meadow. Ms Power will be updating you in future newsletters about its progress. We would also like to take this opportunity to thank one of our granddads, Derek Oman, who has been maintaining the school garden for us for the last while.

“Today on the 22/10/20 Ms Gormley’s 2nd class planted a Scots Pine tree. We planted the tree in between the two flag posts at the front of the school .

First, we used a spade to make a T shape in the ground. Then, we folded the earth back around the Scots Pine. After we planted the Scots Pine whip we put wet newspaper around it. Finally, we put some mulch on top of the newspaper to keep it moist and secure. We were so delighted to plant a tree and we can’t wait to see it grow taller than us.”

By Rachel Holland


Please note that the closing date for receipt of Junior Infant Admission Forms for a place in St Attracta’s JNS 2021/2022 is Friday November 27th 2020. All applications must be accompanied by a copy of the child’s birth cert.


We thank would like to thank our school community for the huge amount of co-operation and goodwill in helping us to reopen. We wish everyone a safe, restful and fun Hallowe’en.


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