St. Attracta’s Junior School has a Catholic ethos inclusive of pupils of different persuasions whose religious outlook is respected. Acknowledging that parents are the primary educators, we are inspired by a shared vision of excellence and we espouse a partnership approach. While we value high academic achievement, the social, personal and moral development of our pupils is of primary importance and we view the school as a learning organisation which is open to change and innovation while cherishing the best educational, cultural and religious traditions of our society.

Our School

St. Attracta’s Junior School was established in 1977 to provide a Catholic education for girls and boys from Junior Infants to Second Class.
St. Attracta's lies at the foothills of the Dublin Mountains and is in close proximity to facilities such as Airfield House, Marlay Park, St.Enda’s Park and the Dundrum Family Recreation Centre


Each classroom in St. Attracta’s has self-contained toilet facilities, a wet area for artwork and lunchtime, a Promethean Interactive Whiteboard, a well-stocked class library, computers and a vast assortment of educational materials for maths, language development and constructive play.


Applications for places in Junior Infants are accepted in the year prior to the child starting school. Applications for other classes are based on a first-come-first-served basis. The application process is explained in the Enrolment Policy which can be viewed in the 'Policies' tab

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